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Small business owners may feel they don’t need project management (PM) software, as their businesses and their projects are…well…small. But, small businesses can get a boost from using software programs that can train, gather information, guide, and track business and business projects. Using a PM software program can help owners stay on track and provide ways to communicate that can save time and money. Additionally, PM programs can increase the chances of success for any event and make any small business owner a fledgling project manager. Learn more about the benefits — and some drawbacks — to using project management software, and we’ll share a few programs that are free and easy to use.

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Those studying for a degree in project management may think that “project manager” is the only career available to them. However, the need for qualified leaders goes well beyond that. Every industry from health to law needs project managers, and it can make for some interesting and well-paying careers.

To help illustrate this, we have listed 30 potential career paths with a degree in project management. They include everything from the entry level to the ones that pay well into the six-figure mark.

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If you are studying for a project management degree, you might find yourself wondering how they did the job in the olden days? All that paperwork, filing, and record keeping could be enough to send any experienced project manager over the edge. But with everything entering the 2.0 age, so too should project management students. Those of you who already have an iPad, iPhone, or are planning one down the line have loads to celebrate.

To show you how the iPad can be used for more than launching virtual birds at targets, we have collected 25 incredibly useful iPad apps for project managers. Both the future and present project manager can find loads of help, in both the free and paid options, in scheduling, tasking, managing, billing, and much more.

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