MSIT Degrees in Project Management

A masters of science degree in IT with a focus on project management will prepare you to apply technology in the analysis and design of information systems, ethical, legal, and social issues. While earning a MSIT degree you will focus on planning, executing, and controlling phases of a project from start to finish.

The Project Management Profession

MSIT programs integrate IT knowledge and business. In particular, you will integrate information systems knowledge with an understanding of the global business environment. Graduates will be prepared to work in teams that analyze, architect, integrate and implement IT-based business solutions in an increasingly diverse and global environment.

Earning a MSIT Degree in Project Management

MSIT students take a variety of courses in both business and IT including: Object-Oriented Application Development, Data Management and Systems Modeling, Technology Infrastructure of Information Systems, Object-Oriented Systems Analysis and Design, and Business Process Management. Most students begin with the business courses and then take IT courses after their first year in the program. Upon completion of the program, there are several different career options including: Project Manager, Program Manager, Project Officer, and Project Coordinator. You can apply for the program online and will need to have transcripts sent from all of the universities you have attended along with GMAT scores.

Project Management MSIT Degree Programs

Guide to Masters in Project Management Degrees

Kaplan University MBA Project Management MS Project Management MS/IT – Project Mgmt Kaplan University – Kaplan University is an accredited online institutuion that offers various programs in project managment. These online programs allow you to complete the degree at a pace that is comfortable to you. You can choose from an MBA in Project Management, a MS in Project Management, and a MS in IT-Project Management.
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Norwich University MBA Project Management Norwich University – Norwich University is a world-renowned online institution that offers many affordable degree programs. Their MBA in Project Management degree program can be completed online at your leasure, and can quickly help you achieve your goals.
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Southern New Hampshire University MBA in Project Management Southern New Hampshire University – In the MBA in Project Management program from Southern New Hampshire University, students will learn the latest software used in the industry by even Fortune 500 companies. Students will also obtain non-technical skills like communication, organizational, and planning competencies to carry out expected duties.
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Ashford University MBA Project Management MA/OM – Project Management Ashford University – Ashford University is a highly regarded modern university that offers many convenient degree programs to choose from. Their MBA in Project Management and MA in Organizaitonal Management can be completed online and during your own time.
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