Project management focuses on the organization, prioritization, coordination, and of course management of tasks, projects, and the people involved. Project managers are expected to track the progress as well as outline and conduct the steps necessary for completion. Use the widget to the left to find schools and programs or contact some of the best schools with online project management degrees through the links below.

Walden University MBA Project Management MS Leadership – PM MS Project Management MS Mgmt – Project Mgmt Walden University – Walden University offers many degress related to project management. Their flexible degree programs allow you to complete your MBA Project Management, MS Leadership in Project Management, MS Project Management, or MS Management in Project Management degree online and at your own pace.
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Boston University Cert – Project Management Cert – Project Mgmt Principles Cert – Project Mgmt Foundations Cert – Comprehensive Project Mgmt Boston University – Boston University is a leading institution that offers project management degrees both online and on campus. Their MS in Project Management program allows you to complete your degree at your own pace, while also providing hands-on experiennce.
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University of Phoenix MBA Project Management University of Phoenix – University of Phoenix has an accredited MBA in Project Management. degree program available online. This program can be completed in as little as two years and focuses on core competencies needed as a manager, like personnel coordination, time management, communication, task prioritization, and many other skills. The skills, resources, and knowledge gained by students can be applied to real-world scenarios immediately upon graduation.
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American Intercontinental University MBA Project Mgmt (Part Time) MBA Project Mgmt (Full Time) American Intercontinental University – American Intercontinental University’s respected degree programs provide a fast way to quickly accomplish your educational goals. Their MBA in Project Management Part Time degree program is geared towards those who can only attend school part-time, while their full-time MBA in Project Management program is perfect for those who are trying to earn a degree as fast as possible.
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Kaplan University MBA Project Management MS Project Management MS/IT – Project Mgmt Kaplan University – Kaplan University is an accredited online institutuion that offers various programs in project managment. These online programs allow you to complete the degree at a pace that is comfortable to you. You can choose from an MBA in Project Management, a MS in Project Management, and a MS in IT-Project Management.
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Norwich University MBA Project Management Norwich University – Norwich University is a world-renowned online institution that offers many affordable degree programs. Their MBA in Project Management degree program can be completed online at your leasure, and can quickly help you achieve your goals.
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Southern New Hampshire University MBA in Project Management Southern New Hampshire University – In the MBA in Project Management program from Southern New Hampshire University, students will learn the latest software used in the industry by even Fortune 500 companies. Students will also obtain non-technical skills like communication, organizational, and planning competencies to carry out expected duties.
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New England College MS in Project Management New England College – For over 50 years, NEC has been helping students obtain their career goals. The MS in Project Management program is deeply seeded in the experience gained over that time period and updated to stay competitive in today's work environment. Students take an all-out approach learning several theories and skills needed in management and human interaction as well as software used to track and organize.
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Ashford University MBA Project Management MA/OM – Project Management Ashford University – Ashford University is a highly regarded modern university that offers many convenient degree programs to choose from. Their MBA in Project Management and MA in Organizaitonal Management can be completed online and during your own time.
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What Types of Project Management Degrees are Available at the Master's Level?

Despite the differences in name, there is actually little difference between a master of science (MS), master of business administration (MBA), and master of arts (MA) in the curriculum when offered by the same school. However, curriculum can vary from school to school, so contact multiple schools to stay well-informed.

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  1. Voices on Project Management – This blog comes from the Project Management institute (PMI) and offers diverse perspectives from project managers in various industries across the U.S.
  2. Herding Cats A Project Management expert shares his opinions and experiences with in-depth theoretical analysis and a sense of humor.
  3. Project Management Guide – This blog presents just about everything you might want to know about project management
  4. A Girl’s Guide to Project Management – The writer of the blog started it to add a female perspective to the world of project management, but she writes for everyone in the field.
  5. Stepping Into Project Management – This blog traces one woman’s journey towards a career in project management and her insights along the way.
  6. The Project Management Hut – This blog is written by a group of project managers in different fields and claims to be the largest database of articles on Projects Management.
  7. PM World Today – This is a monthly e-Journal that provides a full range of articles and stories from professionals in project management.
  8. Better Projects – This blog is written by an Australian who has had years of experience in project management and business analysis.
  9. The Project Shrink – This unique and creative blog uses metaphors and drawings to present fresh perspectives on project management, collaboration, and organization.
  10. The Tao of PM – This blog is written by a retired project manager from the UK who takes a philosophical approach to the industry.

Important Questions about Master of Project Management Degrees

Perhaps you’re considering a Master of Project Management program but you’re not sure if it’s right for you. If so, here are a number of popular questions about the degree program and some useful answers to help you decide whether or not to earn your Master of Project Management.

  • What is Project Management?

    Project Management is the name for a type of management which involves planning, organization, and management of people and resources in order to complete projects. Project managers most commonly work in industries such as construction, aerospace and defense, and telecommunications, but they also find work in a variety of service industries. They usually have a number of different responsibilities, which may include setting objectives and requirements, hiring contractors, assessing risks, and overseeing costs and quality of the work.

  • Why should I consider a Master of Project Management degree?

    Many project managers learn their skills through certification and on-the-job training. However, earning a Master of Project Management will put you a step above the rest and show that you have true expertise to compliment your experience in project management. Another benefit of earning your Master of Project Management is the fact that you can specialize in a specific area, such as business leadership, information technology, or construction. Getting this type of specialization will give you the credentials to find better jobs and earn more money.

  • What will I study in a Master of Project Management program?

    Depending on the type of Master of Project Management degree you choose, there are a number of different courses you might take. Most project management programs will include classes about managing people, determining costs and values, and the theories and strategies used by project managers. If you choose to specialize in a specific area, you will also have classes to help you better understand your area of study, from the legal regulations involved to more technical aspects related to telecommunications and computers.

  • What are the prerequisites to be admitted to a Master of Project Management Program?

    Similar to the majority of postgraduate programs, applicants for a Master of Project Management should have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent. It’s advantageous for this degree to be in a related field such as Business, Construction Management, or Information Technology, depending on your desired concentration. In addition, applicants are usually expected to have relevant experience in the field, since certain skills are best learned on the job. It’s likely that applicants will have to take a standardized test such as the GMAT or GRE. Application requirements might also include one or more letters of recommendation, a resume, a college transcript, and a statement of purpose. Competitive programs may also require you to have a certain GPA to apply.

  • What is the typical completion time for a Master of Project Management degree?

    As with most master’s degrees, a Master of Project Management degree program generally takes between one and two years to complete full-time. Some programs may also have practicum requirements which students must complete after finishing classes. For those earning their degrees part-time, the program may take more time.

  • What kind of financial aid can I find for a Master of Project Management program?

    There are a number of financial aid sources available to students pursuing a Master of Project Management. Most colleges and universities offer scholarships and grants to all of their students, as well as some for specific programs. Scholarships and grants may be needs- or merit-based. In addition, a number of scholarship search sites exist to help students find outside sources of funding. If you need more funding, you can also work with your schools financial aid department to find loans that you can pay back once your schooling is finished. If you take classes on campus, there may also be work-study options available to you.

  • What are the advantages of earning my Master of Project Management degree online?

    Many people who consider earning a Master of Project Management degree already have jobs in a related industry that they don’t want to give up in order to go back to school. If you are in such a situation, you might want to consider earning your degree online. Online degree programs give you the flexibility to take classes at times that work for you, such as nights and weekends. You can study in the comfort of your own home and schedule deadlines around your busy schedule. Online degrees are also cost-effective, because you don’t have the costs that come with living in a dorm, commuting to classes, or buying lots of course materials. Most importantly, earning your degree online will give you the expertise to advance more quickly in your career path and be more successful.

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