25 Incredibly Useful iPad Apps for Project Managers

7 Sep, 2011  |  Written by  |  under Project Management

If you are studying for a project management degree, you might find yourself wondering how they did the job in the olden days? All that paperwork, filing, and record keeping could be enough to send any experienced project manager over the edge. But with everything entering the 2.0 age, so too should project management students. Those of you who already have an iPad, iPhone, or are planning one down the line have loads to celebrate.

To show you how the iPad can be used for more than launching virtual birds at targets, we have collected 25 incredibly useful iPad apps for project managers. Both the future and present project manager can find loads of help, in both the free and paid options, in scheduling, tasking, managing, billing, and much more.

Free Incredibly Useful iPad Apps for Project Managers

You don’t need a single penny to try out and take advantage of these project management apps.

  1. Project Wizards Merlin
    Is it possible that a free project management app received four and half stars out of five? Check out this article from Tech Radar to see why. The app has the rare distinction of being a project management application aimed at professionals and designed specifically and exclusively for the Mac platform.
  2. My Projects LITE
    As reviewed by the iPad Apps Dude, this is a top performing project management app that is free of charge. It allows users to easily manage tasks, projects, priorities, workflow status, and more. It can also import and save as a CSV file.
  3. Idea Sketch
    Those who need to be freer in their iPad apps will appreciate this choice. With a simple interface, Idea Sketch takes the complex arrangement of ideas and allows you to doodle your way to project management. You can create multiple drawings and link to each as you wish, as well as many other features.
  4. Paper Desk Lite
    Save a tree while you project manage with this app. It is described as “the best note taking app” by Computer Shopper. A standout feature is letting users combine text, audio, and graphics on virtual paper.
  5. E-task Project App
    Get online management tools which you can arrange for maximum production here. The app works with an E-task account and iPad or iPhone. You can also create and maintain timesheets.
  6. Project Manager
    A simple title for a simple app. Built by Nicholas Hu because “he likes you,” it is a simple and intuitive project management system. Each project gets a list of action items and each item has other detailed sub items for easy use.
  7. Gantt Lite
    Even student project managers know about the importance of Gantt charts. Do them the 2.0 way with the help of this app. The bloggers at i2e Consulting even have an instructional video on the app.
  8. Dragon Dictation
    Still priced at free, it is no wonder that this app is constantly on everyone’s top ten list. It can turn simple voice notes into text and you can even email the transcripts to yourself. It even taught Sarah Porter-Pennington to lose her Southern drawl so that the app could understand her.
  9. Webex for iPad
    Go beyond a phone call or video conference with this app. From Cisco, it lets you attend meetings on Webex with audio, content sharing, chat, and two way real video. The video even switches dynamically based on who’s talking.
  10. Dropbox
    Because any device can crash, including your iPad, it is important to back up important information. Fewer apps than this one are more used or celebrated for accomplishing this task. It can also sync with your computer and iPhone for easy sharing.
  11. Action Method
    The free task management app has been utilized by project managers. With the best in price tags, it also combines with the main site. Reviews enjoy it for its simplicity.
  12. TrackerBot
    If you are a project manager who loves Pivotal Tracker, you will love this app. It is especially designed to take advantage of its capabilities and the iPad. The combination of the two is intended to treat virtual objects exactly as you would physical.

Paid Incredibly Useful iPad Apps for Project Managers

If you have a few extra dollars to invest in a project management education or career, check out these apps arranged by price tag.

  1. Square
    One of the rare iPad apps that puts its money where its mouth is, you only pay when you use it. The app functions as a credit card scanner and can turn your iPad into a cash register. Free to get, it charges 2.75 percent per transaction.
  2. Expense Tablet
    Need help tracking all of your expenses? With only $0.99, you can use your iPad to help with budgeting and expensing like never before. The easy to use application allows you to type in your budget for the month and distribute it to the items necessary.
  3. Simple Outliner
    Those who need an outlining app that lets them do just that should have a look at this $2.99 app. It has no alarm or reminders for those who want to work without the fuss. And there is even a tutorial that can show you how to use it to its fullest.
  4. Project Planner HD
    If you’re working on a ton of projects at the same time or multitasking, check out this app. For $2.99, it has excellent graphics and functionality. It was given four and quarter stars out of five by iTracki.
  5. Web Projector
    There are loads of apps that can turn your iPad into a projector but can cost a lot. This iPad app was top rated by Teach With Your iPad and only costs $2.99. It displays office formats, PDFs, and videos from sites.
  6. Clients
    If you are a project manager that has loads of clients, use $2.99 and this app to organize them. Whether you are the boss or individual, this app offers task and contact management for the busy person. Other features include client map, creation of billing items, and great interface.
  7. Omni Invoice Review
    Is “create invoice” constantly on your to-do list? Then grab $4.99 and this app to help cross it off. It can create on the spot quotes to give to clients or can help create invoices later to give when the job is complete.
  8. Bento
    Why should project managers spend $4.99 on this app that is raved on by teenagers? Because Bento can help you organize all of your tasklists and timelines into one app so you never forget. It offers a variety of capabilities such as contacts, customers, diet, digital media, equipment, events, and many others.
  9. Keynote
    Both notetaking and presentation combine on this $7.99 app. It contains animated charts and transitions to help you make great presentations. It got seven out of ten stars from Best iPad Reviews.
  10. Numbers
    If it’s all about the bottom line, then it’s all about Numbers. For $9.99, you can see why this iPad app is one of the leaders in spreadsheet software. Gonink also has more on why you should get it.
  11. Pages
    Anyone looking to do any kind of serious work on their iPad will want this app. For the price of $9.99, it allows you to do what many document creating programs, such as Microsoft Word, can do. It also allows you to create complex charts and graphs, add pictures and even embed spreadsheets into documents.
  12. Project Pad
    Patrick Jordan of iPad Insight takes a deeper look into this $9.99 app. A few of the features include creating multiple projects, tasks within the project, percentage, assignment, and many others. It is also compatible with Gantt charts and takes advantage of many of the touch options.
  13. SG Project Pro
    But which app do actual project managers prefer? Mike Riley takes that question head on with his review of SG Project app. For $39.99, he believes it earns its price.

And the above 25 incredibly useful iPad apps for project managers can be used by anyone from students to home business owners and everyone in between.